Pulsar Slots

Pulsar Slots

Pulsar slots is an explosive and exciting online and mobile casino game from Real Time Gaming that offers players fun mode and real money mode. There are five reels and twenty paylines to the game that is set out in a honeycomb layout. Players can download a casino and the game, or they can opt to access the casino and game via the web browser of the casino by choosing the instant play option, this can be chosen from any laptop or computer. Players can also enjoy the casino and game via the mobile web browser of any Android or Apple device or the player can opt to download the online casino app for their chosen casino that sits on the home screen of their device and offers players instant access at any time of the day or night. All options allow the player to try out the game in fun format before placing real money games.

More About the Game

Players can choose to place bets on all or some of the paylines and are offered a variety of coin sizes that range from $0.01 up to $1. It is up the player how many paylines he bets on and how many coins he invests in the casino. Symbols in the game are made up of asteroids and different colored neutrons that lead to bonus games. In order to earn a winning payout in this game, players need to line up the same symbols on the game. Each time a winning payout has occurred the symbols cascade out of the way and make room for new symbols to take their place. These cascading wins can carry on indefinitely giving the player plenty of generous winning payouts.

The Big Bonuses

There are no wild symbols and no scatters in this game, just the neutrons that appear on the screen with a number between 3 and 0. When the neutron appears on the screen, a countdown is started and when it reaches 0 the neutron explodes and clears symbols around it to make way for new symbols and neutrons. Every color will explode in a different direction. Blue neutrons explode up and down, green neutrons explode left to right, pink neutrons explode as if in a cross and red neutrons explode in an X direction. Playing Pulsar slots is an outer space experience that oozes cosmic energy and good rewards for each and every player.